Client Stories

Jonathan M.

BadAsh Athletics has been very helpful in motivating me to work out. Ashley reminded me that i'm the only one who can motivate myself. She put together an excellent plan that was shaped to my situation and exercise area and it has been "working out" wonderfully. I feel better about my body and am more willing to keep working out to maintain my shape. I feel more like a BadAsh every day!

Cedrah B. 

As a former college athlete, I thought I would never need help keeping in shape. However, age, family demands and work meant I was limited in my workout time. Ashley helped craft a plan that would accommodate my crazy schedule without missing out on any other important events in my life. Because of her knowledge and ability to know her client, I was able to lose 7lbs in just six weeks. Thanks to Ashley, I feel healthier and happier than I have in some time!

Rosalia A. 

I have a chronic injury in my knees and a history of osteoporosis in my family. I was looking for a personal trainer to get stronger and recover some mobility. In the past, I tried several programs but I wasn’t able to workout without pain until Ashley designed a program that helped me progress gradually without having a relapse. 

Ashley is a knowledgeable and careful trainer and was also able to identify some back problems. She introduced some exercises into the program that helped me correct my back problems and overall I was able to feel better after the training sessions.

I was very motivated when working with Ashley not only because I was able to improve but also because the program was fun!

Mara J.

Ashley is an excellent trainer! She explains things thoroughly and always ensures you're in correct form. She pushes you when you need it, and will give you an awesome/intense workout. But, she also listens when you're unsure if you can handle a tough session. Every session we had was different and, honestly, fun! Thank you, Ashley! You're the best :)

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