Community Charity Workout

One of our biggest values is to give back to those around us. To be able to lift people up in ALL areas and not just fitness. 

Once a month we host charity workouts to be able to give back to those around us.

100% of the proceeds go to the charity we choose (if you know of a local charity please let us know so we can add them into our rotation!). Each charity is vetted to ensure authenticity. 

Charity workouts take place once a month. 

These workouts are drop in and anyone can join them, members or not! If you're not a member, please arrive a few minutes early to sign a waiver. 


All fitness levels are welcome! We have plenty of modifications if you need them.


There is a 10$ minimum to get in the door though. It's for charity after all!

While small groups are normally capped at 6, charity classes are capped at 15 and are 50 minutes instead of our normal 60 minutes.

September Charity .png

Past Charities

February 12th | Pasado's Safe Heaven | 450$
March 20th | SHS Benefit Night - Seah Eggum | 245$
June 25th | The Rainbow Center | 400$
July 23rd | Northwest Battle Buddies | 500$
August 27th | Lions 4 Kids House | 55 Backpacks + Supplies
September 24th | 988 Suicide and crisis line | 350$