Top Secret Best Workout

Do you want the secret to the absolute perfect workout?

The Secret Sauce? As secret as Grandma's cookie recipe?!

I'll admit - this was a bit of click bait - because there is no "perfect workout". The perfect workout isn't an hour of heart pounding, swimming in your own sweat, non stop shenanigans.

The "perfect workout" is the one you ENJOY.

That's it - that's the secret. So if you actually enjoy the above - then more power to you and go forth and conquer my sweaty friend. But what about if you hate to sweat? What if you don't have an hour to give? What if your only workout option is a 6x6 space in your living room?

That's okay! There are plenty of ways to get a solid workout in, in a plethora of other ways. Here's some ideas/scenarios: - The busy "I only have 10 minutes" working parent: So workout for 10 minutes. Do a tabata (20 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest) - I use the intervaltimer app on iOS. You just set it to your desired time and get to it. Sample workout: 4 rounds, 4 exercises - 1 minute of rest between each round. this will equal about 10 minutes and 40 seconds.

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Mt Climbers

  • High Knees

  • Crunches

- The "I can't get a full hour in, in one chunk": So split it up! Do 10 - 15 minutes throughout the day. So start your day with 10 minutes of stretching and end your day with a 10 minute cardio (like above, or a different one), go for a lunch time walk (like I mentioned in last weeks "step it up" blog). Your workout does NOT have to be in one big chunk. You can break it down into smaller bite sized pieces throughout the day.

- The, "well I have kids and can't find day care": Workout with them! Teach them good habits. Nice weather? Great! Grab their bikes, scooters, roller blades, whatever they have - and go hit a trail or the neighborhood with them. Have them join you for the workouts above - it'll help them get the wiggles out, and studies show that when you see your parents exhibiting healthy habits - and enjoying them, you're significantly more likely to engage in physical activity and healthy habits. (here's that study if you wanna peruse it).

Have a new baby or a toddler? Use them as a weight.

Here's a sample: AMRAP style (as many rounds as possible - set a 20 minute timer and just GO, do exercise 1 then 2 ect, and then go back to the top and start over until the timer goes off)- do all of these holding said kiddo, switch off kiddos if you have multiple:

- Sumo squat - 12 reps

- Laying chest Press - 12