Small Group Training

What is it? 

Small Group Training merges group fitness with personal training. This option was created to help give a more budget friendly option for consistent training with more people. 

With Small Group Training you're in a class with 6 other people max. 

Like our personal training sessions the structure of each session is as follows:

- 10 minute dynamic warm-up
- 40 minutes of active work
- 10 minute mobility session to end



2x a week  |  $120 a month

3x a week  |  $150 a month


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Don't see a time that would work for you - but have 4 - 5 friends that would want the same time? 

That's okay! We can certainly work to create your own small group time - just send us an e-mail, call, or stop in during open gym hours (11 - 3 pm)