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Our mission with WELLNESS is to get you to where you want to be sustainably. Looking at you as a whole - not just a bunch of numbers that make up your calories and weight. But you as a living breathing soul that has life stuff - messy and beautiful and chaotic.

We work with you to find YOUR balance for YOUR life. 

Wellness is online individual nutrition and habit coaching.


Our habits are what have added to things like weight gain, sluggish energy, lower nutrient dense foods and so much more.


This service was curated with the average person in mind to help you feel better in your body to see weight loss, body recomp or even muscle gains - by pin pointing the habits that have gotten you to where you currently are.


Every aspect of this is cultivated to YOU - no cookie cutter anything, B.S tea's, or other fad diet jargon. We look at what works for YOU and your life long-term. Not just the short-term to hit your goals.

The Program Includes:

- Custom Macros (Breakdown of Protein, Carbs, + Fats)

- Virtual Weekly Check-ins + Goal Setting

- Access to Our App Platform So You Can Chat Right Within it With Your Coach.

- In-App Tracking of Macros, Body Metrics, Goals + More

- Community Forums

- And Access to Workout Programs That are Customizable to YOU

Cost: 150$ Monthly 

Fern Leaves_edited.jpg